Project Takeaways

Prioritize and concentrate on what’s most important for an MVP
We only had four weeks to complete this project with a pretty lengthy brief. Rather than attempting to tackle the entire scope, we decided to shift our focus away from what the client considered least important as well hardware focused tasks that would lead to faulty results and spend more time focusing on what was important for the MVP

It’s super important to involve users early in the process
It is much easier, cheaper, and less time consuming to identify problems and iterate on the design before it has been coded onto hardware. Paper prototyping would have probably of been the best method to test but because we were working remotely as well as COVID restrictions, we were able to make it work

Many more rounds of testing need to be done before product release
Though our MVP focuses on initial user research and problems, there is still much data we were not able to collect. This MVP will most likely be iterated on several more times before launch. Once transferred to hardware, things such as incorporation of gestures and processing time may give users a different experience.