Hi, I am Kathryn, (or Katie), a UX designer based in NY/NJ. As someone who has a deep degree of empathy for people, I channel that energy into a strong passion to help improve the lives of people. My experiences along with my background in psychology help me to better understand human behavior and the mind in which I can better connect with people on a deeper level to gain more insight into their lives. Design inspires me in that it makes my empathetic nature actionable, in which the understanding of a person’s pains and pleasures is used to solve problems.

As a lifelong learner, I am a work in progress that aspires to challenge myself and grow as a designer. I learn best through experience and seek out new adventures. Other interests of mine include fashion as I love to sew, music as I play guitar and am currently learning violin, and just relaxing at the beach. Feel free to email me, I am always open to learn something new.